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Issuer callable products in the retail market

UK distributor IDAD has brought to market two callable products in the last few months. These have been reviewed on the

The decline of reverse convertibles in the US market

Back in 2007, reverse convertibles accounted for over 15% of sales in the US market, a figure which has decreased steadily in the...

Auto-calls issuance and hedging

Auto-calls remain popular in many structured products markets for a variety of reasons. Probably the most important of these is that...

Analysis of a $200m deal from the US SP market

The largest deal in the US structured product market in the last 12 months was a five year note linked to the stock of JP Morgan...

2018: Equity markets fall, Structured products prosper

2018 was a very bad year for equities with all major indices falling significantly, particularly in the final quarter of the year....