Nextval is FVC's cutting-edge independent valuations service covering derivatives, structured products and illiquid assets.

The steady increase in the use of structured products and derivatives in the retail and institutional markets, combined with more stringent regulatory and accounting requirements in all jurisdictions, means the need for reliable and accurate independent valuations has never been greater. FVC has both quantitative and technological expertise in delivering valuations and has many years' experience in providing valuations services for major banks, other asset managers and administration companies. Our current coverage includes equity, commodities, FX, fixed income, and credit linked trades.

Nextval combines efficient, flexible and competitive valuation of derivatives and structured products with market-leading financial models, cloud-based technological infrastructure and highly sophisticated online reporting capabilities. The structured products valuation service is powered by the market leading Numerix model library whose analytics provide pricing and sensitivities.

Accurate and comprehensive market data is critical to valuations and FVC calculates its own aggregate pricing curves daily. We have sophisticated methods to aggregate pricing information from different sources for underlying assets and issuer credit risk in order to increase accuracy and reliability. Our methods are enhanced by the active contact we have with many market participants.

Clients submit to us a portfolio of instruments for which we generate valuations on an agreed frequency, typically daily or monthly. Valuations are performed overnight and delivered the following morning by email and uploaded onto the client account on the web portal.

In 2018 we expanded our service to include illiquid assets focusing initially on private debt. We now value private debt and other related contracts via a well documented process of assessment of credit-worthiness, liquidity and covenant conditions. These valuations are required under AIFMD in Europe and we are rapidly building a business to support this growing market.

We believe the way we interact with clients sets us apart from our competitors. Full support is an important part of the service in order to achieve the purpose of reconciliation of any differences between our supplied valuations and any primary valuations the client is receiving. We work quickly to help clients with their issue resolution and a team of experienced analysts are always available to resolve any problems.

More information

More information about our structured product independent valuations service can be found in the attached document below. For illiquid assets please contact us.