Structured Edge

The FVC structured product research service has been analysing the UK retail structured product market since 1999. The original concept was to provide independent and authoritative analysis for advisers for structured products in a way similar to that which is freely available in the funds world. This remains the same motivation today.

Structured products are an important investment solution providing risk control and defined returns that perform well in many market scenarios to satisfy a variety of investment needs. However the range of product types and wrappers combined with the innovation in the sector means that understanding the market is critical to enabling advisers doing business in a compliant fashion and serving their clients' needs to the highest standards.

Central to the FVC research service is an individual report for each product which examines value-for-money, market and credit risk, potential returns and probabilities of different outcomes. Each product is analysed using the same objective basis and methodologies and is used by many thousands of advisers.

Over 4500 products have been analysed since the service began which has had very wide market coverage for many years. It is by far the most widely used service by UK financial advisers to help them with their structured product comparison, selection and compliance processes.

In the time since the service was created there have been significant changes in the investment world and financial markets coupled with increased regulatory requirements. FVC has continually made improvements to its service to keep it at the forefront of structured products analysis in a way that best serves our financial adviser users. This includes aligning our reporting metrics to leverage our structured product "stress-testing" technology. We provide extensive filtering and search facilities and educational resources.

In 2018 we added our Offshore market service to bring the same benefits that the UK market has enjoyed for many years.

More information

More information about our research service can be found in the attached document below. For details of our methodology and how to submit products to us please contact us.

Accessing the service

Access to the service is normally granted free of charge to financial advisers, paraplanners and other financial professionals at our discretion. Please choose the correct site for your region.